Proctorio is available for all faculty to use in your Canvas courses

Following much discussion across the district, a phase out of Proctorio began in the 22-23 academic year with the following functionality disabled:

  • Recording desk (including scan at start and periodic scan)
  • Monitoring of:
    • Audio levels
    • Head movement
    • Eye movement
    • Multi-face

Proctorio is currently set to remain available (with the above features disabled) through spring of 2024 as alternative options are explored by the District Academic Senate.

Proctorio is an online exam proctoring service that is fully integrated with Canvas. It uses single-sign-on technology with Canvas, so there is no need to have a separate account outside of the learning management system. Adding Proctorio to a quiz can be done with a single click inside the Canvas quiz settings and can be added to new quizzes, existing quizzes, and even course shells. The Proctorio gradebook is accessible within Canvas. Links to the Proctorio gradebook are added anywhere you would see a SpeedGrader link.

The ARC Proctorio in Canvas Faculty Guide includes instructions for initial Proctorio installation, how to set-up exams, how to review exams, how to get support, and suggestions for syllabus information.