OTI (Online Teaching Institute)

ARC Online Teaching Institute (OTI) – Foundations 2.0

The ARC Online Teaching Institute (OTI) supports instructors as they continue to build online teaching skills. Through exploration and practice with exemplary course design strategies and effective teaching practices, instructors will build an online course environment that is welcoming and engaging, provides a space for communication and collaboration, presents content effectively, assesses learning through authentic and valid activities, and provides support for students in an inclusive learning environment.

Participants should have a working knowledge of how to create and teach a class using Canvas prior to beginning the OTI.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss federal, state, and local regulations that impact online course policy and practices, and resources that support course design and teaching practice aligned with regulations. 
  • Create an accessible course welcome letter to prepare students for their course.
  • Use a variety of communication tools within Canvas to engage students and ensure regular and substantive interaction with students.
  • Customize an orientation module with introductory activities to support online learners.
  • Customize a syllabus module presenting topics on discrete pages to facilitate quick access to information while reducing cognitive load for students.
  • Create module/unit-level outcomes with corresponding activity and rubric.
  • Create a Canvas content module with accessible content pages.
  • Identify features of formative and summative assessments, use cases, and advantages/disadvantages of each.
  • Use the Canvas quiz tool and SpeedGrader to create formative and summative assessments.
  • Create, curate, and embed inclusive and accessible videos and other media within Canvas.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Session Start Date Topic
Session 1 January 26, 2024 Getting Started – Welcoming Students to Online Learning
Session 2 February 2, 2024 Facilitating Interaction, Communication, and Collaboration
Session 3 February 9, 2024 Designing a Supportive Student Learning Environment
Session 4 February 15, 2024 Building an Organized Online Classroom
Session 5 February 23, 2024 Focusing on Authentic Assessment
Session 6 March 1, 2024 Creating and Curating Inclusive and Accessible Media

Complete activities by: March 8, 2024

OTI Prerequisites and Enrollment Requirements

Reminder: This is not Canvas training. Participants should have some experience with using Canvas in a teacher role before starting this course. 

Requirements for Completion

Certificates will be issued for completion of the entire Institute. To receive the certificate of completion, participants must:

  • Participate in all required discussions.
  • Complete all assigned activities and exercises.

Hours Required

This is a 6-week course. Participants will need to devote approximately 6-12 hours per week to reading, online discussions, and assignments. 

Recommended Skills

  • Proficient computer skills (use of word processor, e-mail, file management)
  • Proficient Internet skills (use of browsers, searches, uploading and downloading files)
  • Familiarity with discussion boards
  • Experience in an online learning environment as either a student or instructor

Technical Requirements

  • Access to a PC or Mac with a current operating system that meets Camtasia’s system requirements or be prepared with an alternate video creation and editing application for use in the OTI
  • Current version of a browser
  • Internet connection, preferably broadband
  • Built-in or external webcam
  • USB microphone

Foundations 2.0 

This Institute can be used to fulfill the Foundations 2.0 opportunities for Faculty Professional Development and welcomes all LRCCD employees who meet the enrollment requirements. Upon completion, faculty at Class I through III are eligible for 3.0 Class Salary Advancement Units.

Note: Class Salary Advancement and College Service Credit are available to faculty who are taking a course for the first time. Faculty may earn up to six (6.0) lower division units of class salary advancement per semester.

Additional Notes

Priority will be given to employees who have not completed a previous OTI using Canvas and who are scheduled to teach online at ARC


Registration begins on November 1, 2023.

Questions about the OTI? Contact Alice Dieli dielia@arc.losrios.edu (916) 484-8996 or Pamela Bimbi bimbip@arc.losrios.edu (916) 484-8103.