Accessibility Training at ARC

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Accessibility Training at ARC

There are several training and support options offered through the Instructional Technology Center (ITC), as well as others offered online through other organizations, to help you make content and your courses accessible for our students.

Throughout the semester you will find a quick tip for accessibility in our ITC weekly newsletter, but in case you missed it, you can find those quick tips in ITC Newsletter below:

  • 2023 – 2024 ITC Newsletter
    • S.L.I.D.E. into Summer and Fall!
    • Accessibility is only one step away! (The A-Team)
    • Making Documents Accessible
    • Do your videos need captions?
    • 3C Media Captioning – an easy captioning solution!
    • Self-paced WebAim Training
    • Accessibility Through Inclusive Design
    • Accessibility Check-Up
    • Building Accessible Presentations
    • Accessibility Tip: Check Your Canvas Content
    • Becoming Accessibility Fluent
    • New and Improved Accessibility and Universal Design web pages!
    • Document Remediation, Captions, and Transcripts Galore
    • S.L.I.D.E. into Universal design!
Accessible Course Creation Academy 4 Weeks at ARC

ARC Accessible Course Creation Academy

Spring 2025 Sessions


This completely online course provides a thorough explanation of accessibility within online, hybrid or web-enhanced courses. It focuses on the skills instructors need to make their courses compliant with Federal laws (ADA and Section 508 standards), technologically accessible, and culturally responsive for a broad range of students. The course covers how to use online tools, including Canvas–our course management system (CMS), to create accessible resources, retrofit existing resources, and curate new resources through exploration and hands-on demonstrations of effective practices in accessibility. The focal point of the course is learning how to use editors (both in Canvas and in common software, such as Microsoft Word) to enhance accessibility. In addition to creating an overarching accessibility plan for their courses, instructors learn how to:

  • Create accessible content pages, discussions, and assignments in Canvas;
  • Create accessible documents, such as Word and PDFs;
  • Create closed-captions for videos.

For more information about this training, please visit the Accessible Course Creation Academy page.

We are always available to support you with all things accessibility and we can be reached in a variety of ways, starting with our email.

In addition you can work with directly with the ARC Universal Design and Accessibility Coordinator (currently Lori Hokerson):

All of the following training options are available free online, should you choose an option outside of ARC.