iPad Cart Checkout

Check out our iPad cart for use in your classroom, for a meeting, or for some other event.

Fill out the calendar below to reserve each day/time that you need, and be sure to include time for pickup and drop off.

In addition, please email the DE division office staff at itctraining@arc.losrios.edu, sayfula@arc.losrios.edu  once you make your reservation.  That way, we will be sure to have the cart ready for you at your requested pickup time. Please note that the iPad cart is now housed in the ITC towards the back next to the DE Coordinator office.

Need a specific app for your group? Ask us and we will do our best to include that on all the iPads.

ITC’s iPad Cart

  • 32 iPads with keyboards
  • Automatic Wi-Fi through arc_instruct
  • Any apps & Safari browser
  • Cart can be rolled to venue

iPad Cart Distribution
Follow these procedures during your event:

  • Users must provide a student ID card or other identification to be assigned an iPad
  • Place the user’s ID in the corresponding iPad slot in the cart
  • Do a quick count once iPads are checked out. Lock the cart if there are any iPads remaining
  • Have users return iPads one by one. Once an iPad is returned, the id is returned
  • Do not dismiss group before all iPads are in the cart
  • Store all iPads in the locked cart when not in use. If you leave the room, please lock the door.