Top 7 Tips for Creating Accessible Documents (Flex Fall 24)

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 21, 2024
2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

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No Registration is required – Use this Zoom Meeting Invitation to enter the event waiting room

Facilitator: Alice L. Dieli, ARC Instructional Development Coordinator

Flex credit: 1.0 hours

Making your documents accessible is essential for your colleagues and students, and once you learn how to use the built in accessibility tools, it becomes easier each time you create or redesign your content. In this flex activity we will cover the essential knowledge you’ll need, and show you how to use the Microsoft Word accessibility tools to make your Word documents accessible for your users. Whether you’re new to accessibility or just looking for a quick refresher, come and join me to hone those accessibility skills and leave with the confidence needed to put accessibility into your practice!

This activity meets State PD Guidelines A, B, & C; ARC Strategic Goal 1 Students First and Goal 3 Exemplary Teaching, Learning, and Working Environment; ARC Professional Development Competencies: Equity-minded Service, Effective Communication, and Technology Proficiency.