Introducing the Pope Tech Accessibility Dashboard! (Flex Fall 24)

Date/Time: Thursday, August 22, 2024
10:00 am - 10:50 am

Pope Tech Accessibility Tool icon

No Registration is required – Use this Zoom Meeting Invitation to enter the event waiting room

Facilitator: Lori Hokerson, ARC ITC Universal Design and Accessibility Coordinator

Flex credit: 1 hour

You may have noticed a new link in your Canvas navigation menu called Pope Tech Accessibility, but what is it? This is not a new tool, but a quick link to an existing tool that provides an overview of accessibility issues in your Canvas courses. In this workshop I will demonstrate how to use the Pope Tech Accessibility Dashboard and Guide to identify accessibility issues, remediate those issues, and create barrier free learning experiences for your students! I will also review existing district and college supports that you can utilize to improve accessibility, which is essential for your students that require the use of adaptive technology, such as screen readers. Join me to learn more about how to use the Pope Tech tools to increase access to learning by making your Canvas course content accessible for all your students.

This activity meets State PD Guidelines A, B, & C; ARC Strategic Goal 1 Students First and Goal 3 Exemplary Teaching, Learning, and Working Environment; ARC Professional Development Competencies: Equity-minded Service, Effective Communication, and Technology Proficiency.