Amplify Learning with Accessible Audio and Visual Content (Flex Fall 24)

Date/Time: Thursday, August 22, 2024
1:00 pm - 2:20 pm

Five blue circles each containing one of these white symbols, a hand, the letters CC, an ear, an eye, or a pair of glasses.

No Registration is required – Use this Zoom Meeting Invitation to enter the event waiting room

Facilitator: Lori Hokerson, ARC ITC Universal Design and Accessibility Coordinator

Flex credit: 1.5 hours

Did you know that providing students the opportunity to engage with content through a variety of modalities can actually enhance learning? In universal design, this is called multiple means of representation, and it is an effective way to get and keep students engaged in your classes! This might include the use of videos created by yourself or curated from others, visual representations (such as images, graphs, charts, etc.), and/or audio content (such as podcasts or content narrations). However, students can’t effectively engage with the content if they are not accessible. In this flex activity you will learn some quick tips on how to ensure that your audio and visual content is both accessible and usable for your students!

This activity meets State PD Guidelines A, B, & C; ARC Strategic Goal 1 Students First and Goal 3 Exemplary Teaching, Learning, and Working Environment; ARC Professional Development Competencies: Equity-minded Service, Effective Communication, and Technology Proficiency.