ARC Online Education Initiative (OEI) Rubric Academy

The new ARC Spring 19 FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy…coming soon!

The new ARC Spring 19 FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy…coming soon!

The ARC OEI Rubric Academy is an intensive look at how to effectively align your courses to the new, revised (October 2018) Online Education Initiative (OEI) Course Design Rubric. In the new SP19 ARC Fast-Track OEI Rubric Academy, you will work independently online to align your course, complete a self-assessment of your course using the new revised (October 2018) OEI Rubric, submit your course for review, make any changes needed, and then we will forward your course for final review by a Lead Reviewer from the OEI. Upon completion of the Academy you will become an OEI Rubric mentor for your department and/or area.

For the Academy, you will choose one of your ARC courses that you teach hybrid or online to align with the new, revised (October 2018) OEI Course Design Rubric. Make sure your course is part of an ADT (Associates Degree for Transfer), General Education Transfer Pattern (CSU or IGETC), or CTE (Career Technical Education) program. A new Canvas course shell will be made just for this purpose. You should confirm with your dean that your course will be offered online within the next two semesters. Additionally, you will be enrolled in the SP19 ARC FastTrack OEI Rubric Academy Canvas course where you will have access to additional resources and class discussions.

More information will be coming….


Questions about the Academy? Contact Marsha Reske (916) 484-8493,  Alice Dieli (916) 484-8996, or Leslie Reeves (916) 484-8892.